Poaching will end one day - for a very simple reason

I was delighted to read a report by The African News Agency (ANA), that Justin Sullivan, a Cape Town photojournalist has won the best picture in The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest.

The winning photograph is a haunting aerial shot of an elephant in northern Botswana that has been killed and butchered for its ivory. The award brought mixed feelings for Sullivan, who said he felt both happy and sad about this particular photo making it to the finals. He said:

It’s exciting to see that an important issue such as elephant poaching will make headlines around the world and ignite new interest in the conversations surrounding elephant poaching. But it’s also a heartbreaking reminder of the ecological loss we are currently facing. This specific elephant was slaughtered in an extremely inhumane manner and the photo represents just how isolated and disconnected not only the elephant was in that moment, but how disconnected we are from the situation. I’m really proud of this image and confident it will bring about proactive dialogue on elephant conservation.” 

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